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3D Printing



  • A fablab project is currently under construction; here is the temporary site.




Numerical modeling

  • Scilab site (free equivalent to Matlab),
  • DAKOTA  site of the Sandia National Laboratories (optimization),
  • Openscad site,
  • GMSH site: great free and open mesher, using the OpenCascade libraries that allow to read CAD formats (STEP, IGES, Brep) as the ones used for 3D printing (STL format),
  • GeoGebra site: dynamic mathematical open source soft for mathematical applications; very powerfull and usefull for geometrical drawings for example,
  • Scratch website : interesting soft for youth that allows to be initiated to numerical developments; no computer language to be learnt _ one focuses essentially on the algorithm and the computer program structure.


DIY : “Do It Yourself” 

  • Myfordboy website: very nice set of videos  on aluminium casting using sand molding technic (master making – development and use of  water-soluble cores – and so on); design and making of a fired furnace with used lubricating oil for the latest one.