FreeCAD: free CAD modeler

In our new Fablab, CAD initiation courses will be offered : I’ll do ones on FreeCAD modeler that is probably the closest one to professional tools such as Solidworks® or pro-engineer/creo® for example; while we’re a bit disoriented at the beginning, we remain in familiar territory (Sketcher, protusions, booleans, and do on).


Without having all the features of the professional CAD modeler, it remains sufficiently provided for our needs; remember that FreeCAD is developed and maintained by the community.


One of the essential plug-ins is the Assembly2 module developed and maintained by Hamish2014 (you need to install it yourself).

For Linux users than I am (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS), it is recommended to install FreeCAD and the Assembly module in ppa in order to get the latest upgrades.


Nevertheless a remark: the access to information remains not easy to my opinion (macros, options, ergonomics, and so on.),  and sometimes it is necessary to spend a long time for finding it or it is necessary to ask it in the forum … but having interest to it is a sure bet.


Example of realizations will be shared in a next futur.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.