Spider Robot

The “Spider Robot” project (original designer : Regis Hsu) is a quadruped robot with 12 degrees of freedom (DOF), which uses 9 grams servos, a mini-pro Arduino card, a HC-06 bluetooth module and 3D printed parts, that made the project complete and relatively inexpensive (note it has ever been one of the goals of the designer).


Regis Hsu shares all the needed files in the Instructables website and in his blog : from the STL files up to the Arduino files, passing by the silk screen for the PCB making: open-source & open-hardware development at the true term meaning – thanks to the designer for this.



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Robotic: First release

For some time involved in a FabLab creation, I’ve found there number of interesting and fascinating things compiling various fields coming from the CAD (to design and to realize the 3D parts), to the 3D printing (to make the parts), the embedded electronic (servo control by electronic cards such as Arduino one or raspeberry py one), the programming (of the previous electronic cards for the robot behaviour), and so on.

Number of potential projects can be made ….

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